Hell Hath No Fury: Based On A True Story

“Travel Insurance is a waste of money, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on,” he said. “I don’t need to make a will, I’m only fifty-three,” he said.

Kayla receives a devastating phone call to tell her that her dad, Mark, has passed away, he was on holiday at the time.

She thinks things will be easy. Fly his body home, sort out his assets and then move on. What she wasn’t expecting was the cost. Kayla’s heart is too soft, she couldn’t live with herself if she left his body out in Fuerteventura to rot in a morgue. Beside Kayla feels like she owes it to him to return a favour he did for her. She finds out her dad didn’t have travel insurance so she has to front the cost, but the cost of bringing a body home was going to be more than she could afford.

Whilst trying to sort out an emergency travel document so she can fly out to Fuerteventura and sort out a funeral, she is trying to deal with her dad’s girlfriend Annie, who has just found out that he was cheating on her. Kayla is also dealing with a rough patch in her marriage. Will the extra strain push her and husband further apart?

Annie decides she needs to get her own back on Mark, but with him being dead she takes it out on his daughter Kayla. Annie is lying and plans on bleeding Mark dry for betraying her, only Kayla is the one who will suffer. Kayla has been walking around with rose tinted glasses on for a long time, but as they gradually start to lift, she starts to play hard ball. Unfortunately her obsession with winning against Annie, allows one of her children to slip through the net.

Will she just let it go or will she destroy her family because she refuses to lose?