Light Of Day

When you run from your past, it will always catch up with you.

Dana Spencer has fled London and started a new life in New York with her best friend, James. They both have new jobs, a new apartment, and new love interests, but what are they hiding?

Edward Day is Dana’s new boss and a man on a mission. The obsessed billionaire is determined to help her, but with her locked up tight, will she ever drop her guard?

When Dana's secret life begins to unravel, Edward reveals he knows more about her than he should. What is he hiding and how long will it be until his curious and stubborn employee finds out? While she might get some answers, they only bring more questions.

Where is Nathan? Who is following her? Why are they conspiring against her? Who can she trust?

Darkness In Day

When your past catches up with you, what would you do?

With much revealed and even more questions arising, Dana wonders if her life will ever be the same.

Edward struggles to come to terms with Andrew's shocking revelation as Dana falls deeper into depression.

When tragedy strikes, Dana and Edward are forced to deal with their feelings and lay all their cards on the table. With a manipulative mastermind against them will our stubborn and obsessive couple pull through or will they admit defeat?

There is a traitor amongst them and nothing is as it seems. Who is betraying them? Why is Michael involved? What has Andrew been hiding? Who can they trust?

Enlightened By Day

When the past is dead, can it still haunt you?

When Dana wakes up from her coma, her world has dramatically changed. She has to deal with devastating news and blames Edward for everything that went wrong.

When tragedy strikes again, Dana has to decide what she really wants. A few months later, she starts to believe that their luck has finally changed. Life is quiet and simple, with a new house and her family around her—everything is perfect.

Until Michael begins to play a deadly game and everyone is a pawn.

Who will win and who will die? Who is Michael conspiring with? What is Scarlett up to? Why is Dana a target? Can anyone be trusted?